Transmission Coolers for 4WD

Hard driving, trailer pulling or hot driving conditions can cause overheating, one of the leading causes of transmission failure. When the temperatures get too high, the oil can breakdown or lose its ability to lubricate some parts.

These temperatures can be lowered by installing a Coolmaster Off-Road Transmission Cooler, which forces the fluid through a hose to the front of the vehicle, then through a series of coils and fins to cool it down. It will benefit the transmission by extending its life and helping it run more efficiently while preventing costly repairs.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced stacked plate & fin design minimises flow restriction for
    maximum lubrication of transmission parts.
  • Durable and rigid all-aluminium construction.
  • Slim and lightweight design enables unique mountings & easy fitment in limited space.
  • 30% more efficient than traditional coolers.
  • Prevents costly repairs – Longer transmission life.
  • Suitable for Towing – Boats, Caravan & Trailers. Carrying heavy loads, hot driving conditions, four-wheel driving & racing applications.
  • Includes quality fitting kit & simple do-it-yourself instructions.
  • The range includes Ranger, BT-50, LandCruiser, Hilux and many more.