It’s the same but different.

Don’t get caught out diagnosing Ford 4F27E or Mazda FN4AEL. Ford Focus and Mazda 3 share the same Automatic transmission but with different electronic
strategies. As the diagram shows, apart from the EPC being common to both, solenoids A to E in each make are used for a different shift strategy.

As the diagram shows apart from the EPC being common to both, solenoids A to E in each make, are used for a different shift strategy.

Use the diagram to identify the correct solenoids for your application:

As the chart shows a DTC code is only a guide to a possible electrical fault, internal pressure oil leakage due to worn sealing rings, valve bores and servo bores or other mechanical problems can lead to a false DTC being triggered. Further investigation with live scan tool data and oil pressure gauge diagnosis may be required to determine the exact cause of the fault.

Code P0750 is a Shift solenoid A code, meaning that in a Focus 4F27E you would be replacing the green Ford SSA solenoid which is an on /off type, whereas in a Mazda FN4AEL you would replace the black Mazda SSA PWM type solenoid.

Code P0751 is also logged as Shift solenoid A, but with possible other causes for the error code.

GM 4L30E Shift Solenoid spot the difference

The GM 4L30E transmission has two shift solenoids which at first glance seem to be identical, in fact upon further inspection you will see that one has a tab at the 10 o’clock position this is the 1-2/3-4 and is usually closed, the other with the tab at the 4 o’clock position is the 2-3 solenoid and is normally open. Care should be taken as the tabs are easily bent, allowing for incorrect installation. When correctly installed the tabs will face each other.

Incorrect installation will result in an incorrect gear start and incorrect shift pattern.

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