6L80E Tow and Pro Performance Shift Kit.

Since the release of the 6L80E in 2006 rebuilders have been awaiting a shift kit that addresses both the hydraulic system and the computer programming. Our friends at Transgo have just released the 6L80E Tow and Pro Performance shift kit. With increased max main line pressure as well as a more aggressive pressure curve, this performance kit includes valve body and pump components calibrated to maintain factory shift feel at light-to-medium throttle with progressively firmer upshifts through wide open throttle. This has been achieved by reworking the 2-6, 3-5-R & 4-5-6 clutch regulator and boost valves along with a new HP boost sleeve and valve. As an option if used in conjunction with the shift timing tables and QR code included for HPtuners or EFI live, can produce hard throttle tire chirping shifts.

Transgo research and development tested and evaluated this kit in several vehicles stock & modified, V6 & V8 Camaros, Tahoe’s, work trucks & one very fast blown 5.3 short bed with just over 500 RWHP. They used OEM clutch plates & counts, kept all the wave plates, used OEM clutch clearances and loved the way they worked. No bind-ups bangs or clangs or any hint that clutch capacity was lacking. For applications and power levels listed above adding clutch plates & removing wave plates or reducing clutch clearances is not recommended & can lead to bind-ups bangs or clangs.

This transmission has a built in purge/cleaning process that pulses the
solenoids after a key cycle, Clutch Clearances are Extremely Critical if the clutch clearance is too tight it will cause a chugging or binding sensation on the first shift after a key cycle. We have noticed that the 1-2-3-4 snap ring is usually thicker and can be mixed up with the 3-5-R snap ring during
assembly causing clearance to be too tight.

The kit also incorporates all the common 6L80 fixes including pump stator sealing rings, laminated pressure disks for the TEHCM, and cooler bypass valve.

TEHCM Pressure Switch Repair
Often this trans experiences a drum or clutch piston failure often due to a Pressure malfunction. Typically, at least 2 of the 4 pressure switches in the assembly will also be blown out as shown below. Your choice is to repair the TEHCM with this kit or replace it with a new TEHCM from the dealer & have it programmed $$$! We have provided the parts you need to repair the pressure switches. It does take a bit of talent but mostly PATIENCE to get it done. Many techs have performed this task with great success but its your choice. You need only repair the switches that are damaged.

Testing switches:
Using a flat washer and a rubber tip blow gun, place the flatwasher over the rubber grommet and insert the blow gun tip into the center of the washer. Air check each switch that is not visibly damaged and make sure they hold air. If they do, leave them alone! If they don’t, or you see they are visibly damaged, remove the rubber grommet, the damaged diaphragm and insure the switch contactor is in place. Pushing on the switch contactor, you should feel a noticeable click as you release pressure off the contactor.

Take one of the new diaphragms, gently pinch the diaphragm into the shape of an upside down taco shell. Insert it as shown below into the switch hole making sure you guide it under the lip of the plastic. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, work the rest of the diaphragm into the hole until it lays flat on the switch contactor. You may use a pencil eraser to move it left or right till it drops in place.

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